Why Choose Our Bait

Gulf menhaden is built to be the perfect bait; extra oily, silver-bright and just the right size for easy handling. Quality handling throughout the supply chain produces a superior bait product at the best value.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Our IQF menhaden stay intact and whole—no falling apart on the hook or in the trap, and no need to cut or separate each fish.

High Oil Content

With higher oil content than any fish in the Gulf, and flashy silver scales, menhaden will pull in your catch like a magnet.

Salty Brine 'Flavor'

Menhaden are naturally a great bait, but our brine freezing process adds an extra salty attractant for a superior bait product.

Excellent cold chain management

Beginning with immediate, rapid chilling of the catch on board, our fish get cold fast and stay cold.  Individually frozen in brine and stored in a sub-zero freezer, this process ensures your bait is in great condition, won’t fall apart in the water, and requires no chopping, cutting or thawing prior to use.

High-volume processing facility

Louisiana Bait Products has made substantial investments in our operations, including a new boat and proprietary IQF equipment capable of producing millions of pounds of bait each year. With our own cold storage, fleet of delivery trucks and extensive network of bait dealers, we offer efficient and cost-effective supply options.

Sustainable fishing practices

Using purse seines that do not drag the sea floor and impact habitat, our fishing methods also have little impact on bycatch. Nets are closely set around tightly packed schools of menhaden, and use bycatch reduction devices, so there is minimal incidental catch of other species.  NOAA Fisheries researchers have had no reports of sea turtles captured in Gulf menhaden bycatch studies, and marine mammal injuries are rare.

Excellent customer service

Our skilled staff has over 20 years experience in this process, and all we do is Gulf menhaden bait.  Customers love the simplified packaging and handling of our product, as well as our dedication to fast, reliable service and delivery.  Louisiana Bait Products provides local, friendly service on a national scale.

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