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Keeping our Gulf seafood

supply chain secure and sustainable

Hurricanes demolish LA bait industry
After the devastation wrought by the hurricanes in 2005, locally caught Louisiana menhaden bait was difficult to come by. Fishermen had to endure long transportation times, shortages, and higher costs to get the highly prized Gulf menhaden bait.
Louisiana Bait Products begins operations
As true entrepreneurs, our vision for Louisiana Bait Products was not just to fill a void in the market, but also to create a modern, highly efficient bait processing plant. To accomplish this goal, our founders partnered with key state agencies and consultants like Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana Sea Grant, and others to launch Louisiana Bait Products in 2013.
Equipment upgrades increase productivity, efficiency
As our volume of catch grew, so did demand. Louisiana Bait Products again reached out to experts, this time the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEPOL), to help us solve issues with energy efficiency. With their assistance, we secured a federal grant to make significant equipment upgrades that allowed for long-term cost savings, reduction in energy consumption and more efficient freezing capabilities. This entrepreneurial spirit was recognized in 2015 with an Innovator of the Year Award by Innov8 Acadiana.
New mothership enables higher catch volumes
After just a few years in business, Louisiana Bait Products achieved notoriety in both the general business and commercial fishing industries. The company produced 10 million pounds of bait in 2016, and still demand outstripped supply. This success allowed us to purchase a second, larger boat, The Amelia, to retrofit for ‘pogie’ fishing . . . significantly increasing our catch volume to better serve our commercial and recreational customers.
Why choose us?

Fishermen love our product because the IQF process makes the fish so easy to handle—frozen fresh and whole in a brine solution.  Just use one fish per trap; no more cutting, chopping and messy bait preparation needed!

In a recent study by the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator, Gulf menhaden had over FOUR TIMES the amount of crude fat as Atlantic menhaden (21.7% vs 4.7%).  This high level of fat in our bait, in addition to the salt added in the brine freezing process, creates the perfect natural lure for crawfish, crabs, catfish and other finfish.