Our Product

We offer the best possible

bait product for three reasons

We use menhaden from the Gulf of Mexico, a superior bait.

Our process from boat to freezer preserves the quality of the fish.

Packaging and delivery make selling bait easy for you, and your customers.

Our Catch

Menhaden, also known locally as pogie, have the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids of any U.S. landed fish. The smaller size of Gulf menhaden (about 8 to 12 inches) as compared to the Atlantic species (about 15 inches) makes our bait easier to handle in traps and on hooks alike.

Because they are very boney and very oily—in other words, not edible—menhaden are reduced to meal and oil products.  But these traits make them one of the best bait fish available, as they naturally attract crawfish, crabs, catfish and sports fish.

For more information about Gulf Menhaden, download this Louisiana Sea Grant fact sheet.

Our Process

Louisiana Bait Products controls every aspect of the supply chain, from net to final delivery. That means we also control every aspect of product quality, so that your bait doesn’t spoil or turn to mush.

The process starts in the Gulf of Mexico using our own new purse seine boat, the Amelia. Proper handling and chilling begin on board, and continue when the fish are off-loaded into two huge brine-freezing tanks. This IQF method has two important benefits: one, there’s no more cutting, chopping, prepping and long drawn-out thawing processes; and two, the brine adds an additional attractant to the fish that produces a superior bait.

Learn more about our efficient operation by visiting the Quality Process page.

Our Final Product

The Louisiana Bait Products facility is capable of producing millions of pounds of bait each year, stored in our own freezers, delivered by our own trucks and distributed through an extensive network of trusted bait dealers. This system eliminates supply issues and offers our quality bait at a competitive cost.

Our bait is sold in 65 and 100-pound commercial-sized crates, palletized with 20 boxes per pallet, then pallet-wrapped and stored in sub-zero conditions. Dealers have the flexibility to sell quantities as small as one box to commercial and recreational fishermen if needed. Fishermen appreciate the simplified packaging and handling on site … saving time, money and energy.

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