Quality Control

Fresh frozen menhaden

using superior IQF system


Our quality process begins with fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, off Louisiana’s coast. Our new fishing vessel, The Amelia, is specifically designed for menhaden bait fishing. Two ‘pogie boats’ deploy a purse seine net closely set around packed schools of menhaden. This procedure, along with bycatch reduction devices in the net, allows other fish species to swim free so our catch is strictly Gulf menhaden.

With minimal handling and physical damage to the menhaden, they are pumped to the vessel’s chilled holding tanks. Heat is the number one enemy of landed seafood, and our rapid chilling process is the first step to providing the freshest possible final bait product.

Freezing & Crate Packing

The Amelia returns to the plant with a full hold and the offloading process begins. The menhaden are pumped directly to the brine freezing tanks, and emerge 8 to 12 hours later with each fish individually quick frozen (IQF). The bait is then conveyed to a weighing station that fills each crate to the correct amount. Crates are pre-palletized and efficiently arranged so that bait doesn’t sit in the heat—the fish are quickly packed and transferred to sub-zero storage.

Sub-Zero Storage

The pallets of IQF menhaden are stored in our 30,000 square-foot freezer until the product is shipped; the bait is then quickly pallet wrapped and loaded onto already-cold refrigerated trucks. Bait stays the proper temperature for transportation, eliminating problems caused by block freezing bait. Fishermen love the IQF bait, as it is easy to handle and requires no chopping, cutting or thawing prior to use.


Louisiana Bait Products deliver to commercial bait dealers supplying the crawfish, crab, catfish and commercial fin-fishing markets via our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. As a wholesale seller, our minimum order is one pallet. We plan delivery routes in advance to maximize fuel for cost-savings we pass on to you, so please contact us in advance to make sure we include your delivery in our next run.

This quality control process means our menhaden bait never get hot, so they don’t spoil, or fall apart and turn to mush. The fish stay frozen solid, which eliminates block freezing. Attract YOUR catch with this perfect natural lure.